An email into the ether


Doors (Photo credit: Stanley_Hsu)

Dear Grandma:

I know that this isn’t your preferred method of communication; but, I thought, all things considered, that you wouldn’t mind.  I want to send you a quick thank you for your visit this morning.  I was both pleased and surprised to have you stop by.  Things are in quite a transition around here now and having your always calming presence surrounding me even for such a short time gave me a moment of peace and, indeed, reminded me that all things are possible.

We haven’t visited in so long.  Thank you for reminding me about that t-shirt, the one you brought me as a gift after your pilgrimage to St. Anne de Beaupre in Quebec when I was still just a young girl.  At that age, it seemed so exotic like a relic from a healing sanctuary in a foreign land.  I wore that t-shirt until it was in tatters.  Forgive me; but, I have to say, something on that t-shirt stunk to high heaven when it came out of the dryer.  It’s true.  I don’t know if it was the paint in the screen print of St. Anne or the sizing in the fabric that smelled so badly; but, really, it was an unforgettable and awful stench.  Still, this morning, I was so grateful for that acrid one-of-a-kind scent never before that time nor ever since encountered until today.  It filled the room around me and brought me to tears knowing that you took the time and energy to communicate and comfort me. Please, if you run into my dad, tell him ‘thank you’,again, for the phone call that he made to me after he passed and, please too, thank all the others for their well-timed visits over the years.  Again, please forgive this method of sending messages out into the ether.  I simply feel that one door is much like another.  It simply needs to be opened, n’est-ce pas?

Peace be with you and love always,

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2 Responses to An email into the ether

  1. carolofthebells says:

    Either our grandmothers know each other, or our angels work similarly. Lovely story. All your stuff is well written.

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