Sunday Post: Natural Resources

If you want to plant in my area, you’d better have a pick axe and prepare for a workout.
There’s a reason there’s a rock quarry just down the road.

stone mountain
When they built the homes,
the easiest way to landscape was to leave the pried up boulders.

If you get tired on a stroll or run, there’s always somewhere to rest.

They built many beautiful stone walls as well which I love,
but I wanted to focus on the giant boulders today.

The Great Whites, were they left because of their awesomeness,
or because moving them was just too much work?

To join the challenge:  Jake Sprinter–Sunday Post:  Natural Resources

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4 Responses to Sunday Post: Natural Resources

  1. jakesprinter says:

    Great entry my friend for this week theme ,Thanks for sharing I love it 🙂

  2. Carol O. says:

    Boulders are like grandparents, aren’t they? Quiet, friendly, welcoming, affirming, accomodating, open to anything you can think up. And, ah, the great whites.. lovely shots, all!

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