Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture in Nature

Droplets on a leathery leaf

A bird image in bark

Green dappled bark

Smooth milkweed fibers and coarse companions

milk weed pod

To join the challenge:  Let’s Be Wild–Wild Weekly Photo Challenge:  Texture in Nature

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20 Responses to Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture in Nature

  1. Carol O. says:

    Except for the different geometric lines, or maybe along with those — the leaf skin is similar to human skin. (My neighbors must think the woman with magnifying glass studying her arm in the patio door sunlight has a tick!) I love the light and shadow of the shot, too (one can almost smell the earth below the nearby ferns), and the water droplet magnification.

  2. Carol O. says:

    LOL! True. Which of the four do you like the best?

  3. Milkweed and drops – and trees. Lovely.

  4. Imelda says:

    The milkweed silk is lovely.

  5. Lovely shots of texture – here in South Florida the monarch butterfly caterpillars love eating all the milkweed plants! Thanks for joining in the challenge.

  6. mk says:

    Thanks for the like!
    Love the water drops on the leathery leaf.

  7. grantresults says:

    Great water drops on dark textured part of leaf. Thanks for dropping by my Maine photo post!

  8. Your milkweed shot is luscious!!!

  9. elmediat says:

    Beautiful sequence.

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