Wordless Wednesday: Otherworldly

Otherworldly thorns

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13 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Otherworldly

  1. Thorns from one of my climbing roses. I was trying to do a close-up texture shot when I realized that the thorny branch looked sort-of alien against the backdrop of the out of focus fence.

  2. Wow…then my guessings were not totally wrong. Interesting and smart angle!

  3. xcountrypearl says:

    That’s a mighty fine camera you’ve got there. Great close up!

  4. Lynne Ayers says:

    Interesting choice for a wordless Wednesday when this piece raised all sorts of questions for me 😉 Would not have guessed it’s origins.

    • I suppose the thorns were not self-evident. I was hoping the otherworldly appearance was more so. Then again, I never really am wordless or Wednesdays since I feel compelled to title them.

  5. carolofthebells says:

    Ah, well.. one studies thorns while undoing (ripping!) them from one’s most tender pores (and/or one puts on ladybug moccasins for a mile of stem, just because), so I guessed aright, but I must say, daughter was here with me viewing it –I showed her many of your photos (we laughed at the “dragon”) and she was amazed by how creative you are. She has fallen away from all that, this girl who has such a talent and should’ve gone to art school, but I think your blogged artwork has toggled something in her that never really died.

    • Thank you. Fortunately for her, creativity always finds some avenue even if it’s not always the one we expect.

      • carolofthebells says:

        “Not always the one we expect” (perhaps you also have an adult daughter whose waist-length finger curls once bounced happily atop the tiny tap and ballet leotard as she tended her herds of Care Bears and kittens) — yes. Thank you –it’s a good reminder.

      • What greater creativity could there be than the way we grace each other’s lives. Just as your tiny dancer did for you.

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