Wordless Wednesday: Camouflage

nature's camouflage

camouflage with flare

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6 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Camouflage

  1. xcountrypearl says:

    Is that real? Are those tree trunks? That colorful? What are they? They are amazing!

  2. xcountrypearl says:

    Could you take a pic of the full tree (s)? A bigger pic? I’m curious what they look like. I love the closeups.

    • Certainly. I tried to look up the variety in my Audubon field guide. I’m waffling between virburnum and ash. It’s a young tree so it has a smooth bark. The varigated look of the bark is, of course, the effect of the growths on it.

  3. poppytump says:

    That is so lovely! makes me think that someone knitted a tree trunk cover ..

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