A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Weather

These photos of the weathered, peeling back of a large sign
reminded me of the effects of weather, in conjunction with other natural forces,
on our planet.

Weather’s many fingers reaching out,

Weather's fingers
forging our continents,

Forging continents
shaping our shorelines,

Shaping shorelines
chiseling archipelagos,

Chiseling archipelagos
freezing ice caps,  breaking off icebergs,

freezing ice caps and breaking off icebergs
and clearly tagging the planet so we all know exactly whose territory it is.

Tagging the planet

To join the challenge:
A Word In Your Ear–A Word A Week Photo Challenge:  Weather

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22 Responses to A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Weather

  1. Gardengirl says:

    Your thought on the pictures reflected exactly what I thought I was looking at at first. It looked like an icy shoreline and the ocean. Very nice work!

  2. Fascinating photos. I could have guessed all day and never come up with the answer because I thought it had something to do with frozen water.

  3. saltypalette says:

    Love, love, love these! So graphic – great work, thanks!

  4. What an amazing set! Loved them.

  5. skinnywench says:

    lovely take on the challenge and really interesting photos –

  6. chris13jkt says:

    Creative interpretation of the chalenge, and of course interesting pictures as usual.

  7. This is SO COOL! At first take, I thought you’d ‘shopped a broken mirror onto an ocean. So cool, how you perceived it as ‘weather,’ which looks very much like ice going out on some surreal body of water.

  8. What an interesting take on the challenge. Very cool.

  9. Impressive series; well seen and great framing. Cheers, harrie.

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