Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Now!

Now, it’s winter in here in Virginia.
It’s below freezing.  Most trees are bare.
There are, however, a few stoic, almost-colorstripped, leaves hanging in there.

Winter-bleached pales can still be lovely.

brown leaves 16
Sunlight can bronze winter leaves as well as summer skin.

brown leaves 12
and, then, when you add blue skies and evergreens,
well, those browns, turned bronze and copper, are quite the colorful show.

brown leaves 3
To join the challenge:  Let’s Be Wild–Wild Weekly Photo Challenge:  Now!

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7 Responses to Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Now!

  1. Wow…I love the richness of the colors….beautiful.

  2. Just wonderful! Colours and shapes…everything.

  3. Lovely , where are you in Va?? I live in the Woodbridge area.

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