Wordless Wednesday: Dreaming Heart

cu 1p 3

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3 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Dreaming Heart

  1. Carol O. says:

    I like it but am baffled –are they bottles near a window of light?

    • Yes, a kitchen counter photo–bottle of water in front of a cup of berry yogurt in front of the sliding doors to the deck. What can I say? It was way too cold to go out that day.

      • Carol O. says:

        Ah, and I can see the heart — deep red core color — but I think the title was referring to yourself! There’s really nothing better to do in the cold than dream.. I sat in the dining room sun today (like an old person –shudder!), but the little Jack Russell thought it fun! I don’t know what she was dreaming about, but I dreamed of vacuuming the rug, considering I got too good a look at the sand, dog hairs, and somebody’s clipped nails.. Spring can’t come too soon! I need an ocean visit. And a housekeeper. 🙂

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