Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

vine 7
To those who strike out to explore, discover and map the world.

To join the challenge:
Let’s Be Wild–Wild Weekly Photo Challenge:  Wanderlust

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5 Responses to Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

  1. Nice take on the challenge!

  2. Carol O. says:

    I like it very much. It’s friendly, somehow. And.. I thought of you while walking home from Mass — there was a tiny sprig of deep green poking out from the snow. 🙂 Wished I’d brought my camera, and once again, did not think to use my cell’s camera. I hope all this snow is missing your area.

    • We’ve only been getting dustings of snow here, thank goodness. I know what you mean about not having or forgetting to use my cell when a great shot is right in front of me.

      • Carol O. says:

        I like the title, too (I think I always do!). I’m always surprised to hear when someone doesn’t suffer from wanderlust–I would so love to see this world, this country, this state by every unplanned backroad unimaginable, but as you’ve so often shown, there’s a surprise of a whole little world right around every nearby corner as well!

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