Thursday’s Lingering Look At Windows: Week 6–Purple

Purple--Laundry Day
–Windows and washables in Gloria, Brasil–

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The Day After–Thursday’s Lingering Look At Windows:  Week 6

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7 Responses to Thursday’s Lingering Look At Windows: Week 6–Purple

  1. Lingering lingerie…sheer art!

  2. Carol O. says:

    It’s Mar 6 and we’re told a storm of wallpaper-paste snow is headed for your area. Well, I just say “NO!” to that. (Maybe if 2 or more do that, it’ll work?):-) I hope it misses your area and/or that it’ll all be alright. Oh, and.. I am one of those who misses your posts.

  3. PammyMcB says:

    I nominated you for a Liebster award for your wonderful photography.

  4. Carol O. says:

    Whenever I thought of you and remembered this post, I wondered each and every time of what this photo put me in mind. Well, for Pete’s sake, it put me in mind of Lent! The repentent purples, the Laetare rose (pink). Also, another post I often recall is the one about your mom’s lighter. I don’t recall if the piece is fiction, and I am way too bushed to go look and confirm yea or nay, but it made me haul out my mom’s lighter a little nearer to using. And the post about “Pinkie”… well, all in all, this big world seems smaller sometimes.:-)

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